Our ushers play an important role in our worship service. They stand throughout the worship service at the doors, by the pews or close to the altar, ready to be of service.They make a first impression to our visitors. They greet church members and visitors with a ‘WELCOME’ smile when they come into the presence of God.The Living Springs International Church Ushers are the first point of contact a new member will meet when they visit us. Visitors are met with friendliness and a caring offer of assistance.They share in the duties of the service. Help with taking offertories, open the church doors and closes the church doors after service.They ensure tranquillity and order so we can have a smooth flow of the service uninterrupted.They direct both congregation and visitors to their seats.They make sure seats are properly arranged before and after church. The ushers ensures there is quietness and the place is always tidy before and after the service.They help visitors to access areas of the church and be aware of emergency procedures and to take the lead in making sure everyone follows an orderly route in an emergency.They set up our communion service and distribute communion meal to church. They may direct congregants to the altar to receive communion from the pastor. They control the flow of traffic.

Our Ushers