Our Master of Ceremonies coordinates the programs of the church. They do time in time helps with the church announcements as well.Our Master of Ceremonies are thoroughly prepared. They meet with organises well in advance of church meetings and plans agenda in detail. They contact all speakers or others who will have a role in the program and confirm their responsibilities , time allocated to them and anything they might require at the event.They may contact key speakers to find out the topic/title of their presentation and some background information on them. Use this information to prepare their introduction of the speaker.They find out if there will be any other special guests in attendance who should be acknowledged at the event. They have an agenda and stick to it.If there is not a formal agenda, they consider preparing a detailed script for themselves, outlining everything they have to do, a timetable, including breaks.Our Mc’s are resourceful, creative, flexible and humorous.

Our Master of Ceremonies (MC)