Pastor Ken gives vision and direction of our worship and praise ministry.


He leads most of our worship and praise programs in the church.


He helps to develop other talents for the worship and praise ministry.


He advises on the worship and praise direction of All Nations Living Springs Church.


Pastor Ken Craven is from near Barnsley in England. He was in a
Christian home and on a family farm. His father Walter was in the Pentecostal Church meetings with the like of Smith Wiggelsworth and Stephen Jeffreys.


Even as a young child Ken saw and experienced many miracles.

Pastor Ken remained in the family farm business when God called to reap the harvest of men and women for the gospel of the Kingdom.


Ken brought millions of Bibles, tracts and lots of humanitarian aid into Eastern Europe. He has driven to Russian 45 times. Pastor Ken, brought the first Bibles ever into Albania. Now in the area he brought the Bibles to seventy churches.

Working often with Prayer For Israel, and Society for Distribution of
Hebrew Scriptures Ken was used by God to help the work of evacuating
Russian Jews into Israel. Ken helped open the Full Gospel Businessmens
Chapter in Jerusalem.

I (Daniel Scalf) met Ken when he was in hospital in Krakow, Poland. He
had been hit by a car going 70 miles per hour and left for dead. I prayed
for him and the word God gave me is you will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.

Ken was not instantly healed but was told he would never walk again. 
Later that year he was instantly healed and we traveled together to help
evacuate Russian Jews and preach this gospel in Ossetia, Checyna, and
Georgia. The church had a 30 members and now has over 1000, 41
additional churches have been planted in this war zone.


Worship and Praise Pastor
Pastor Ken Craven